Attract more customers…
and more business with each customer.

CashDrawer+ provides an exceptional platform for providing services to your customer.

CashDrawer+ includes useful services such as check cashing, money transfer, travel services, cellular recharging and bill pay to move you ahead of your competition. Generate more revenue, with more services for your customers.

Get started with little investment of money and time, as quickly as a few days from service sign-up. Our unique system helps you create your complete product catalog in a few hours, rather than days or weeks. Tap new revenue sources immediately. We provide this all for a low monthly service fee. And, affordable equipment financing is available to qualified purchasers.

CashDrawer+ point of sale services helps you attract more customers.

CashDrawer+ is a magnet to draw more customers to your store.

Want to Make Money? CashDrawer+ provides in-store services for new revenue streams. Check cashing, money transfer, travel services, cellular recharging and bill pay will set you apart - services to bring customers back again and again. We continually review additional services to provide through CashDrawer+ for you and your customers.

Want to Save Money? CashDrawer+ includes product purchasing and management functions, employee time clock and tracking, and secure integrated payment processing features. Manage your products and employees better and save on merchant service fees. CashDrawer+ offers web-based management features you can access from anywhere.

Want to Better Manage Your Business? CashDrawer+ integrated reporting provides information you need to make good business decisions. Eliminate guessing about sales or employee work hours. Sales, Returns, Sales Taxes, Employee Time Tracking – these are just some of the integrated reports available to you.

Want to Save Time? CashDrawer+ is a complete point of sale solution that integrates your store transactions with management reporting. No more late nights with a calculator and spreadsheet. More time for you to grow your business and enjoy your success.

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CheckBit check cashing services are easy to implement and use.

CheckBit can be easily implemented with minimum requirements.

Grow your business and build strong customer relationships through our check acceptance services.

CheckBit services help you manage your check acceptance and/or check cashing operations with automated processes, user-friendly interfaces and customizable reports. CheckBit manages the complete process from check scanning to electronic deposit at your bank(s).

Features include:

  • Scalable to any size operation
  • Internet based console
  • Integrated point of sale
  • Smart “KYC” and check issuer tracking features, with auto-population of existing contact information to facilitate transactions
  • Increased security through biometrics option to quickly and positively identify repeat customers and to reduce identity theft
  • MICR imaging feature captures check images
  • Bilingual (English / Spanish)

CheckBit has two separate system components: the in-store point of sale application to accept checks and the corporate console for check acceptance system administration, tracking and reporting.

Point of Sale Application:
The point of sale application quickly and easily guides a cashier through the check acceptance process, including all necessary validations, using both industry standards and business rules you configure for your specific needs. CheckBit retrieves existing customer information through biometrics, and also retrieves issuer information using a check scanner. The agent application processes transactions requiring further corporate approval as well as collects money from returned checks.

Corporate Console:
The corporate console allows you to manage and monitor the check acceptance operations remotely on a real-time basis. If business rules require further verification, CheckBit provides the corporate approval system allowing you to administer your business rules seamlessly with the cashier automatically - no need for phone calls or faxes.